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Title: Following our Child Within is following that still, calm, silent voice inside of our mind.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Following our Child Within is following that still, calm, silent voice inside of our mind. It’s usually in this area that speaks to you....
Following our Child Within is following that still, calm, silent voice inside of our mind.

It’s usually in this area that speaks to you. It’s a Child Within. It’s a higher self. It’s our intuition. It’s our conscience. It’s our perfect child within.... there’s an experience of wisdom inside us from the neck down into our dissociated basement.

Now we’re used to relating from the neck up. Our heads speak very loud. We are trained, especially in the West, to listen to our heads to think it through and be logical. But the problem is the wisdom of our child within is linked with divine wisdom. And divine wisdom is not logical. Divine wisdom is something that is illogical and outside of the normal realms of time and space. So when we tap into running and listening to our child within, then we start to dwell in different realms. We start to dwell in the realm of intuition, of not knowing the next stage, of really risking, and taking risks, and seeing the fruit of our labor afterwards. We’re outside of our comfort zone. We’re constantly growing.

Jesus says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” All spiritual teachings in their original state, not necessarily the manufactured state, a thousands of years later, be looking at the original teachings of all spiritual teachers, it all comes back to the wisdom inside us. We don’t need permission from anybody else to follow our child within, and to live our recovery, and to live our purpose. There’s no better time to do it than right now.

And the thing about following our child within is that courage is what is required to follow within. Now, when we think of courage, we might think about being afraid and doing it anyway.If we look at courage, the root word is cour, which comes from the French language. And cour means heart. So courage is action, wisdom of the heart in action. It’s wisdom of the heart in action.

So when we start follow our child within, it requires courage because it scares the brain. So that’s why we say unless we’re in mortal danger, fear is a compass showing us where to go. So when we’re scared to take that next stage, when we feel stuck and we just know that we got to leave a relationship, or quit our job,  or write in our blog, or really go to the gym, or whatever that next stage is that we feel stuck, that’s a survival pattern. And when we’re running on survival pattern, just know that’s fear in the brain, the brain scared to take that next step. Because the brain thinks we’re going to die. But we’re not going to die.

Follow our Child Within. Do the therapy. Child Within Therapy is very powerful. find some meditational time where we can spend 20 minutes really tapping in, listening to our child. Because when we do, amazing, miraculous synchronicity start to show up. And there’s really nothing, miracles are normal. Right? When miracles and synchronicity are, and we feel like we’re in that flow, that’s the natural state. If we’re not in a place where that’s a natural occurrence it’s because we’re too much in our mind, and we’re really running a survival strategy, and allowing ourself to really play small, and focus on a smaller game.

The wisdom of our child within, it speaks in small sentences. Yes. No. You’re worth it. Go for it. It’s very simple. It’s illogical and will not make sense until we take the action and look backwards over time. Following our child within makes sense in reverse but never going forward. We are going to encourage us to listen to the Child Within meditation. Find some sacred time, and make this a daily practice where we tap into our child. It’s having a relationship. we want to have a relationship and check in every single day. We are amazed what happens when we actually embody and take action and find the courage to follow our Child Within.

So our request is  to meditate, find some Child Within time, make this a daily practice for ourself.

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