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Title: Why is undisturbed Sleep important.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Why is undisturbed Sleep important. what is sleep, apart from the physical part of the body relaxation. So what happens everyday? We wake ...
Why is undisturbed Sleep important.

what is sleep, apart from the physical part of the body relaxation.

So what happens everyday? We wake up and from the very first moment since the last before we sleep again we put ourselves in a constant struggle to move from what is to what should be. 

We try to be good, polite, to achieve some goals in our job, to have great pleasure, to avoid pain and unpleasant situations, to be respected from other people, to convince others about the truth of our ideas, to fulfil our hopes and expectations.. and this is what we call living. 

After 16 or 18 hours of constant struggling the body is not able to move anymore so it says “stop, i want to rest, i can’t continue”, so we go to bed.. but the confusion, after such a struggle is immense, the chaos and disorder unbearable.. while the body decides to rest the brain is not willing at all to do the same.. it’s quite common that before we go to bed we ask ourselves what we did during the day, what we should do better, how can we improve ourselves etc..

 It’s the brain that can’t stand this disorder, this chaos and tries to put some order.. so there is a huge demand for order. So the brain doesn’t rest, the brain works hard during the bedtime by means of dreams and other less conscious processes to bring some order, draining huge amounts of energy.

 Then the next morning we feel a bit more orderly but its the order that the brain has brought about which is partial, temporary, mechanical (like it is the brain itself). Next day, a new circle of struggle begins which destroys this partial order, perpetuating the chaos inside.

At this point we should ask this question.. what would it be to sleep if one being in (not brain promoted) order during the day? What happens if one is aware, attentive, alert, alive during the day, watching every single thought that arises, not to struggle against them, not to try to be improve oneself, not to put effort on suppression.. but just to watch all thoughts which are responsible for this inner chaos. 

 This passive awareness that has the ability to drain thoughts’ energy and makes them dissolve… once thoughts cease the moment they appear, then there is no reason for disorder, the inner is completely orderly.. the body still needs to rest by means of sleep but once the body sleeps at night, what happens with the brain? 

While there is order the brain doesn’t need to function to achieve order… so no dreams, no other subconscious movements are necessary anymore, the brain is in full rest, silence, not bothering to bring about order.. in such state, of no struggle, the mind doesn’t sleep (it was neither sleeping when there was disorder).. the mind is completely alert, awake, attentive in a much more profound sense.. during the day there was attention of this or that thought, attention of this insult, or that hope.. at night the mind is not attentive of something or about something, the mind is just fully, completely attentive, silent, free.. This is the moment that the mind is able to touch the untouchable, to reach very very far, which wasn’t possible during the day, because there were always objects of attention, as a challenge, a hope, an insult, an expectation, a flattery etc. It seems like this is meditation!

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