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Title: Dissociation Anonymous and our true intuitive therapeutic Mind
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Dissociation Anonymous and our true intuitive therapeutic Mind These methods of recovering our child with...

Dissociation Anonymous and our true intuitive therapeutic Mind

These methods of recovering our child within can be particularly helpful for keeping us on a focused track while we face the emotional uncertainty of changing old patterns. We can write about them, meditate on them, or simply read them and their short explanations to maintain a healthier perspective.

We regain the trust in ourself

The answers are all within us if we really look. Our childhood heart is the truest compass ever created, and if we connect the consciousness of our mind with the truth in our heart we have re-found the map that cannot fail us. Our childhoods taught us that trusting ourselves brought us rejection from our parents and from others whose love we required. Now as adults we are free to return to trusting our inner birthright our child within.
We learn by experiment the power of telling our truth

Honesty is so easily underestimated. When freed of motive, manipulation, and distortion, honesty is the raw power of our recovery.
Breaking us free from the shackles of this world. We were raised in a world of lies and deception; when we tell the truth we open our paths into a whole new and unexpected world. 

Our re-found truth will always set us free

Our freedom and growth requires that we be truly honest with ourselves. Nothing keeps us stuck more than self-deception. When we can be honest with ourselves a world of possibility and power opens up to us giving us the chance to change our lives, and by extension the lives of those around us.
The child within at our core is perfect and always has been. 

We are perfect within. The core of our being is the perfection we yearn for, and when we remember this, and keep it front and centre in our mind, we realise we have nothing to fear from looking within. Yes, the seas of our inner emotion and unresolved trauma can be stormy, but beyond those seas is a harbour of tranquility and beauty—the harbour of our true child within, our true centre of connection.
We recover only one hour at a time

Recovery is exciting and adventurous,  through our recovery experience we come to honour this. We take our path gently and deliberately, giving ourselves a decent and respectable amount of recovery work for each twenty minute time segment, but not so much that we become overwhelmed or lose hope
We experiment with real world outcomes and wonder at the results our taste for life is replenished as we see the results. 

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