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Title: The Dissociationalist can become our Mirror
Author: Fraser Trevor
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The Dissociationalist can become our Mirror We may not have realised the  Dissociationalist  has become our complete emotional gauge. Like...

The Dissociationalist can become our Mirror

We may not have realised the
 Dissociationalist has become our complete emotional gauge.

Likewise you may not have understood yet that the 
Dissociationalist is a ‘tool’ to assist you to understand Law of Reality.

As a result of having a 
Dissociationalist in our life, we will know when our energy is not working, and when our energy is working.

Dissociationalist is a mirror in our life to teach us what a recactionary we really are.

If we look at this from pure ‘energy terms’ (and truly there is no other way to look at this, because it’s from energy that everything we know as ‘real’ is created), the  
Dissociationalist his or her own does not have any authentic energy.Its all dream-time.

Dissociationalist is an energy ‘sucker’, we may say ‘vampire’, who has to steal energy in order to obtain it.

What this means is, the 
Dissociationalist in our experience can only operate in our experience depending on ‘where our energy is at’, because he or she doesn’t have any of his or her own.

We may think this is really far-fetched, but please keep an open mind and read on…

Have you ever seen the manically depressed, lifeless 
Dissociationalist who has not been able to get dissociational supply?

If you have, you know exactly what we mean.

This is why 
Dissociationalist report in the morning that they wake up and need to get going in order to find dissociational supply – just like a drug addict needs a fix.

When you understand Energetic Reality, which is very real and powerful (even though you can’t physically see it) you realise that energy vampires don’t require actual physical contact to suck your energy and be energised by it.
Okay so now please really absorb what we are about to say…
If you dwell on, obsess over, have angst, fear, terror, panic or anxiety in regard to the  Dissociationalist your life – over any topic whatsoever – the Dissociationalist receives an energy feed, and powers up to throw back at you exactly the results of our fear and pain.

Dissociationalist seemed like an unrelenting terminator, a dog with a bone, doing everything and anything to rip their lives apart.

Part of my awakening to how to heal 
Dissociationalist abuse, was the understanding that dissociation is a magnified manifestation of our fears.

Therefore if you have the ‘normal’ charges of fear, pain and distress running, 
Dissociationalist fuels up and hits you like a freight train.

But what happens, when the fear and pain shifts?

Return to Reality.



Because the 
Dissociationalist has no energy to operate in our experience if we grant none – none whatsoever…

…and the evolved experience we get to choose; we are the creator is another reality away from false reality…

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