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Title: The Ten Stages is a method of clawing back childhood freedom.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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Dissociation Anonymous we live in countries where from childhood all children  are cut back from honest progression, no one can form an id...
Dissociation Anonymous we live in countries where from childhood all children are cut back from honest progression, no one can form an idea of the seven day old child within as it should have been as an adult, if it could had turned freely into the being is was intended to be. 

In this world where all childhood is polluted and trimmed in their freedom from childhood on because they have to learn to live in this society, no man can imagine a child within as we were intended to be. Adults has no idea of an independent, free child. At one time, the child within has been like that, free and only dependent on nature.The Ten Stages is a method of clawing back that freedom.

Now, we live imprisoned in our convictions, traditions, believes and habits, which are dependent on others, culture and nature. By doing so, we have constructed an artificial, virtual cage of adulthood. The bars distort our sight of reality. Therefore, We live in an unfair, dishonest society in which the rich become richer, the poor become poorer and where nobody knows the right direction. Because everybody is convinced of the idea that there is no way back only progress dissociation is an option without anybody knowing where this dissociation will lead.

Always, there have been people that managed to escape from the cage requiring a lot of pain and struggle, sometimes forced by circumstances, sometimes because they thought that there should be more than the lives they lived and they started to search for another world. If you are on the right track, even without knowing the goal, life should become simpler all the time and perhaps simplicity is the ultimate aim. If you are on the wrong track it becomes more complicated continuously until you are strangled in it. In his Allegory of the Cave Plato describes how people get disturbed if they leave the world of shadows in the cave and behold the light. In all cultures, the same metaphor exists and for that reason, there has to be a nucleus of truth in it. Those that stayed in their blessed contemplation are called mystics. Others, who returned to the cave and were indignant with everything they saw, were called prophets. We have known many prophets. No one of them has been able to show the way out to the ones in chains. Perhaps, they all lacked an overview of the consequences of their discovery. Perhaps, they were not able to show the way out unequivocal. Or, did they always get the worst of the establishment and is he right when Plato writes: "if anyone would try to free them and lead them upwards would they not kill him if caught?"

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