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Title: We are all dedicated to Learning Truth, Developing Trust and gaining the mutual consent of our child within
Author: Fraser Trevor
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We at Dissociation Anonymous are all dedicated to Learning Truth, Developing Trust and gaining the mutual consent of our child hidden ...
We at Dissociation Anonymous are all dedicated to Learning Truth, Developing Trust and gaining the mutual consent of our child hidden within,

We are experienced in a personal dialog with our internal child within, that each of us can accesses multiple times a day. The more that relationship is ignored the more one suffers. 

We focuses on building that internal relationship, the stronger that internal relationship the more happiness and love are experienced by us. 

This allows us the freedom to follow our own true intuitive voice, it sets us free to be and experience life in a harmonious partnership with the world surrounding us.

We are Liberate To Full All Encompassing Recovery

DAs is based on TTC plus loving kindness and it frees us to experience life to the fullest. To personally discover the cause and consequences of our childhood actions. Self Reflecting on ourself against the world around us allows us to maximise harmony and enjoyment from existence in this life. It allows us the freedom to interact with others without cultural taboos, limited thinking, biases and unenlightened fears that have divided the children within.

We Recognise and Embraces Difference
we are not threatened by others who hold differing views about life, morality, politics or religious practices. We recognise within ourselves our own child and do not judge others based on their limited conclusions.

Our program lets us understand that every action generates a reaction. Some feel negative like suffering, it is a reaction coming from actions already set in motion from our hidden past. Counter actions create counter results. As we know this and act accordingly this helps minimise our suffering.

DAs lets us discover and understand recovery in our own unique way of connecting internally with our child within. This connection liberates our mind to search and find the recovery path that is our personal truth.

This allows us to live our own recovery truth without fear of judgement from others.

We know that recovery and truth is all encompassing acknowledging that another’s recovery truth is just as valid as our own.

We focus on compassion and loving kindness that we can all share without limitations or bias. 

Our recovery shares and builds on itself and doesn’t focus on differences among individuals.

Wed understand that you don’t need to depend on anything or anyone to be happy.

Recovery comes from deep within our child and we are all responsible to pursue it as our true source of genuine happiness.

We understand that we are always where we need to be and we are always worthy to give and receive recovery in all interactions.

We support our own journey to discover truth in our own way. Honestly following our child withins internal compass tells us what is right because it is our truth.

This bring us inspired writings which came from the journeys of others. Those who penned their experiences to share it with others; the details vary by the characters sharing them. The message or messenger is not important it’s the truth of our ancestral children hidden within that resonates harmoniously deep within each one of us that matters most.

We are finding that the deep internal childhood connection will allow us to discover and live comfortably in our own truth, with the same recovery and conviction as those Children Within who came before us.

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